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Olga Belousova

18 aug – 6 sept

I am working as an artist, a designer and a teacher. Since 1993 I have been a member of Kollektivverstad in Nacka / Farsta and had a number of successful exhibition in Sweden, Norway and Germany. The circle of my interest is people, the beauty of human body/torso, animals and their distinctive sculptural plastic and some abstract forms, in which I would like to express our connection to Universe, such as “SunDials” and “Micro in Macro”.

Foto: Olga Belousova

Some new series of my sculptures are exhibited at the gallery Hantverket, such as: “Hands” where I would like to use a gesture as a way to express different meaning, horse’s sculpture named “Triple load” and male and female torsos.
In my sculptures I mostly use white clay with chamotte, engobs, glazes, metal oxides , wood, rope and cord.

Male torso
Foto: Olga Belousova
Foto: Olga Belousova
Foto: Olga Belousova




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